Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lights, Camera, Cuckold! [mmf, cuckold, interracial, hotwife]

Young and ambitious, Tyler is a third year film student out to impress the world. For his final film of the year, he's cast his gorgeous blonde girlfriend Alex and his best friend Lamont in what could be their most challenging roles yet - an actual sex scene. Although she's agreed to perform entirely for artistic reasons, Alex can't help but feel aroused around the handsome black Lamont. Will Tyler's demanding nature make him difficult to work with? More to the point, in the heat of the moment, will his girlfriend and best friend stick to the script, or give in to forbidden passion right in front of him?
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Alex nodded a little in stunned silence as her mind began to process the words. She glanced over and froze when she finally caught up to what was happening.

Before she could react, Lamont was snugly sitting beside her on the couch. She could feel his warmth radiating from where their legs touched.

He leaned in intimately close and spoke, but all she could smell was his arousing masculine scent. “So, um, I’m actually really nervous about this,” he hesitated, “and if things uh, don’t work, I need you to know that it’s totally not you, okay?”

Alex stifled a giggle and was pleased that the normally confident man was sharing his uncertainties with her. Something about his toned, dark body and his newfound vulnerability made him even more enticing. She grinned warmly and gave his thigh a reassuring squeeze.

When she saw his kind eyes look down at her hand her fears melted away and were replaced with something else entirely.

As this near-final scene in Tyler’s film featured no dialogue, but only a slowly rising musical score, Tyler was able to direct them in their actions. “I love the hand – go with it Alex. Lamont, show us what this means to you.”

Alex softly exhaled, gathered her courage and leaned towards Lamont ever so slightly.

He flashed a predatory grin as he leaned a little closer and stole a glance of her plump red lips.

Her eyes were wide and her chest heaved visibly as she tried to navigate the whirlwind of emotions and desires. She leaned forward and allowed her hand to trace along his thigh as she blinked coquettishly. Alex wasn’t sure if was her gorgeous co-star or the alcohol, but she closed her eyes and took the plunge.

Their lips met in a brief exploratory kiss that only afforded them the barest taste of each other.
Alex reveled in the sensations, drinking them in deeply. She tasted the saltiness and warmth of Lamont’s lips and softly inhaled the beautiful musk of his aftershave and sweat. His stubble bristled teasingly along the soft skin of her cheek, causing her heart to skip a beat.

Her hands circled his thighs as he stole another hesitant kiss.

“Escalate a little, guys? What does her shirt feel like, Lamont?” Tyler asked, hopeful to get enough of the scene filmed while it was still “authentic.”

Lamont began to trace his hand along her shoulder and up along her neck, causing her to moan with barely-contained excitement before placing another wet kiss upon his lips. But this time, she lingered as she thought about what she was doing, and more importantly, who she was doing it with.

And then, with visibly shaking hands, Lamont cradled Alex’s beautiful face with his dark hands and pulled her in for another kiss. Warmer and more passionate, it was obvious to Tyler that they had acquired a taste for one another since their first kiss.

Lamont’s hands carefully teased along her neck causing her bottom lip to quiver with forbidden delight.

“You’ve just gotten back with her! Explore her, appreciate her man!” Tyler chuckled at Lamont’s timid manner.

As much as Alex had wished that her boyfriend hadn’t encouraged Lamont, she found herself very much in agreement with what Tyler was requesting. She felt Lamont’s hand trace softly along her collar bone and down along her back. Having new and strange hands appreciating her skin forced her to exhale sharply as she groaned in approval.

Tyler grinned silently when he saw that she was squirming in her seat; he knew his girlfriend well enough to know that she was becoming uncomfortably aroused with her new black lover...

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