Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Images of Inspiration: Spice [mmf, creampie, cuckold, taboo]

Hey, just a new little feature that I've been thinking about. Most of what I write comes from personal experience, or the enjoyments of close friends. However, as we all know, reality often makes for a fairly boring read. That's where inspiration comes in. When I want to be inspired, I look to my friends on my tumblr for a little help. What follows, as best I can remember, are the images that helped me better establish the minds, bodies, and desires of the exceptionally dirty participants of my filthy little short, Spice.

Image courtesy of findingmyinnerrati
Image courtesy of mamitaonlyanal

  Image courtesy of passius

p.s. to the real-life "Cassia" who is most likely reading this as we speak, you'll note how I not once mentioned which big bank in downtown Toronto you work at! Also, it's been ages since we've grabbed a coffee girl, don't you agree? ;)