Sunday, 3 February 2013

One Night At The Beach House [ff, first-time, lesbian] (Scandalously Short Bedtime Stories Vol.1)

Eva and Beth are best friends soaking up the sun and enjoying a relaxing, wine-soaked stay at Beth's parent's beach house. But when Beth tries to get the quiet Eva to come out of her shell by flirting and teasing her, she may just wind up with more than she bargained for.

This short story is roughly 9500 words in length, and contains steamy scenes of first-time sexy sex between two college-aged girls and some swearing.

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“You know what would really get to him?”

Beth, half in her own world, managed a dispassionate “What?”

Trying not to look at Beth’s perfectly manicured heart, Eva knelt to grab the sponge from the wet tiles below them. Then, fixing her gaze just above her friends head, she said “This,” as she began to rub it against Beth’s soft shoulder.

“Ooh, spicy,” Beth burbled with excitement, “He'll totally die and want every last detail,” she grinned. The blonde steadied herself with the opposite arm against the wall, and let the water and her caring friend do their work.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Eva smiled with uncertainty.

She continued making slightly larger circles, and ran the sponge down her friend’s toned arm. Eva tried to ignore that Beth’s chest, as small as it was, heaved gently, as her head slowly nodded in long, gentle waves, as the water washed over her. She was intensely focused, and concentrating deeply upon something.

Eva recognized that look anywhere, and the more she thought about it, the more that she liked what she was doing to her friend.

Hand shaking and gripping the sponge with white knuckles, Eva paused and tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. She started again, in a weak and crackly voice.

“…so, um, how jealous do you wanna make Dan?”

Beth smiled and turned to her friend, eyes still closed as warm jets danced across her aching rosy nipples. “I want to have something on him so that he'll drop anything and be on his knees, begging me for the briefest detail,” she began. “I mean, he’s wealthy bad boy, so it’s not like anyone else can put him in his place, right?” she smirked.

“Definitely,” Eva replied, as she reached for a light purple bottle of body wash on a low, stone shelf.

“But yeah, what did you have in mind?” Beth asked, as she gently opened her mouth, letting the warm water droplets cascade along her lips. She was about to turn to back to see what her silent friend was doing, but just then, she heard the cap of the purple bottle click.

“Oh, that’s good. Do my whole back, he'll just die!” she beamed. Within seconds, the blonde moaned softly as she felt something icy cold drizzle down shoulder, causing her to gasp. “God that feels so good. You have no idea...” she trailed off, lost in pleasure.

Eva’s bare hands touched the slippery purple soap on her friend’s shoulders and began to gently massage it. The blonde grabbed her wet hair in her hand, and coiled it forward.

Eva’s hands traced over Beth’s back, as she marveled at the tight feminine muscle that she’d somehow manage to hide under her supple frame. Her hands, slick and slippery, ran along Beth’s toned arms, allowing Eva to feel the tightness that was hidden along them. She secretly hated that the girl in front of her had enough time, and money for yoga, spin-class, and Pilates to actually do their magic.

The blonde moaned softly through barely opened lips. She began to speak, but stopped as she felt Eva’s hands caressing her slippery sides. They slid wetly along her soft flesh, and before she was fully aware of it, gently cupped her small, perky breasts from underneath.

Beth gasped and leaned back slightly.

“Eves...what are you doing?”

Eva chose not to answer immediately, but instead kneaded the quivering girl’s breasts, slipping and sliding the hard, rosy nipples between her wet fingers. “Just giving you a story for Dan,” she casually replied. She could feel Beth’s hands pressing back against her. They seemed to be stuck between pushing Eva away, and pulling her in closer.

Eva knew that although she was taller than Beth, the toned blonde was muscled like a jungle cat, and could’ve easily pushed the freckled brunette away anytime she wanted to.

But she didn’t.

Eva kept focusing upon this last thought and decided to blame this turn of events fully upon the wine.
Beth’s fingers dug into Eva’s pale hips, as she felt her friends soft hands massage her breasts. She was used to the rough pawing of her boyfriend, Dan. He only touched her when he wanted to get off. It was formulaic, distant, and predictable.

This was different.

Beth leaned her head back, and cradled it against Eva’s shoulder for support.

“Eves, we shouldn’t... I’ve never...” but found that even she was having a hard time believing this.
Eva’s hands trembled as her soft, feminine hands groped and teased Beth’s tight little rosebuds. Beth’s breasts were so much smaller than hers, but they felt warm and inviting. Her friend’s nipples became far harder and pointier than her own, and Eva relished the soft and graceful moans that Beth made when she pinched and tweaked them.

“We should stop,” Eva began.

“We totally should. This is wrong,” Beth replied, as she began to press her slippery ass back into Eva’s body. Neither of them dared to say it, but when their glistening young bodies finally touched beneath the warm caress of the shower, it was electric.