Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Red Number Five [ffm, taboo, romance, vampire]

Jackson Tremblay is your typical down-on-his luck twenty-something. Recently laid off and without a date in months, his friends drag him out to a club to cheer him up. Always a gentleman, he soon finds himself defending a gorgeously sexy school girl named Ally from some unwanted attention. The cute redhead soon introduces him to her friend, a demure dark-haired beauty named Marie and the three of them ditch the club to get a bite to eat - although perhaps not in the way that Jackson would've wanted. Just as his luck with women seems to be turning around he wonders if Ally is too good to be true and he can't help shake the feeling that the quiet Marie is hiding something from him. Has he bitten off more than he can chew with this gorgeous pair? Will he live to see the next sunrise? Only time will tell.

This short story is roughly 9000 words in length, and contains the steamy escapades of Jackson, a downtrodden but cute human boy, and Ally and Marie, the two vampires who take him home for a night he'll never forget. 

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The slender brunette, perhaps anticipating more snarky comments, began to protest but was cut silent by what Ally, her juvenile mistress said next.

“You may do whatever you wish with this cute, bookish fellow Marie.”

The graceful brunette’s eyes went wide as she observed Ally with stunned amazement. “…but you never let me….”

“I know,” Ally replied in an uncharacteristically wise tone, “but I have today. He’s all yours.”

As if some unseen shackle was lifted from her, Marie couldn’t help but smile. She tried to keep her composure as her eyes stabbed into Jackson with a deep, lustful hunger. When she took a step toward him, she couldn’t help but grin when he took a frightened step back.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she softly spoke as if approaching a wounded animal, her fangs bared. Try as she might, her voice trembled with excitement as her breath guttered in her chest.

“What are you doing?” Jackson asked as he bumped against his kitchen counter.

“It’s just been so long since I’ve…” Marie’s smoky voice wavered between nervous and aroused. “I just need…”

The kind-hearted Jackson was so conflicted. Marie was easily one of the most attractive, graceful, and well-spoken girls he’d ever met. But she was also a supernatural creature of the night cautiously stalking toward him with a slavering gleam in her eyes.

Unsure if these terrifying moments would be his last, Jackson allowed himself to gaze fondly at the trim curves of her svelte body. He might’ve whimpered at the unfairness of it all, but honestly couldn’t remember – things became a blur around the same time she pounced.

“Oh fuck…I…” was all he could yelp as he felt her hands, delicate and full of otherworldly power, effortlessly pin him against the counter. Fitting that he’d be eaten in a kitchen, he thought.

When he felt her breath tickle his shoulder he went numb. Around the same time that he recognized that her hands were trembling, he felt the slipperiness of her tongue as she dragged it along the tender sides of his neck.

“Marie? I…please don’t toy with me. Just get it over with,” he cringed.

“Oh no,” the dark-haired seductress bit her lip as she whispered to him, “tonight I’m taking my time and savouring every last second of this.” She ran her hands along his slender form, appreciating his chest with her fingertips.

Jackson was stunned and glanced up to look at Ally. The perky redhead was sitting on the opposite counter, watching with glee as she casually teased her fingertips along the pale flesh of her generous bust.

He was snapped back to reality, however, when he felt Marie’s soft hand steal past his belt and into his jeans. The confused boy was about to speak, but words failed him as he felt her icy grip squeeze his hard, aroused shaft. For a blood-starved vampire, she was unimaginably tender.

Marie buried her head against his neck and groaned with delight. “Fuck, you’re so hot and hard, and warm…” she smiled as she began to toy with Jackon’s aching cock. She placed kisses along Jackson’s jaw, and softly stroked his ever-hardening cock. When she saw his eyes flutter, she released her grip on him and gazed deeply into his sparkling, fearful eyes.

He relaxed somewhat when he realized that her insatiable hunger wasn’t just for blood, but something else entirely. “So, Marie…”

But she would have none of it, and hushed him with a finger as she quietly began placing soft kisses along his chest.

“I…” he attempted again, but still she shushed him as her mouth left a little kiss upon his belt buckle.

Jackson looked down in time to see Marie fumbling with his belt, before she simply wrenched the worn leather apart. He was speechless but there was something undeniably arousing about being at the mercy of such a powerful, insatiable girl.

Marie practically beamed with glee when she unfurled his cock, hard, and smooth from his boxers. It hung low under its own weight.

The slender vampire teased her fingertips along its sides before looking up at him with a lusty glaze burning in her eyes. Her smile would’ve been alluring had her fangs not been fully bared.

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