Sunday, 10 February 2013

Images of Inspiration: One Night At The Beach House [ff, first-time, lesbian]

Most of what I write comes from personal experience, or the enjoyments of close friends. Without getting into too many details, this story remains vividly burned into my memory, which is probably why I enjoyed writing it so much. Sometimes, if he's super lucky, my husband gets a drunken re-telling of it on his birthday, but he has to be a really, really, really good boy for that! However, during those times when I feel I need help getting inspired, I look to my friends on my tumblr for a little help. What follows, as best I can remember, are the images that helped me better establish the minds, bodies, and desires of the exceptionally slippery participants of my steamy little short, One Night At The Beach House.

 Image courtesy of lesbianscanfuck
  Image courtesy of swedishfishrule
 Image courtesy of swedishfishrule
Image courtesy of swedishfishrule
  Image courtesy of girllickgirl

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