Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Images of Inspiration: The Locker Room [mmf, creampie, oral sex]

So, being the very first of the new series, Fantastically Filthy Fantasies, I knew I had to (pardon the pun) start with a bang. Enter Ally, a pissed-off-but-totally-hot cheerleader who recently found out that her asshole of a boyfriend cheated on her, and now, she's out for revenge. I'm not going to lie - a lot of this was new, and incredibly arousing territory for me to explore. Personally, I blame the mind-meltingly hot stuff that I bump into while tumbling. Anyhow, I'd like to think that the following really helped, let's say, put me in the appropriate frame of mind prior, during, and after the writing of The Locker Room.

Image courtesy of sexonight.
Image courtesy of doit4pleasure.
Image courtesy of two4more.
 Image courtesy of swinginbabyyeah.