Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stray [cat girl, shifter, transformation]

Med student Eli Walker is at a loss when he discovers that nothing more can be done for his beloved stray Mocha. Coming home from work one afternoon he helps a mysterious old woman, who rewards his kindness with something that she claims will be able to help his ailing cat. Eli gets more than he bargains for, however, when his darling kitten transforms into a sensually seductive woman right in front of his eyes. Eager to repay his kindness in any way she can, the curious shifter girl decides to ask him to guide her through this strange new world as they explore her new body together.

This story is roughly 7000 words long and involves steamy sex scenes between a man and a shifter (were-cat) girl as they explore their new lives together.

Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.


Eli was at a loss for words, for where his beloved cat once lay was a svelte, exotic beauty, with dark, flowing locks. When she crawled toward him, her tantalizingly lean, yoga instructor-like form ably showcased her svelte feminine muscle. Eye to eye with the gorgeous, dark-skinned stranger, he stared deeply into her rich tawny eyes and saw that they were full of wonder and curiosity.

The dumbstruck man was about to say something when the heavenly stranger blinked a few times and then sneezed directly into his face.

“Mocha?” he asked again, somewhat surprised as she leapt forward knocking him over.

“Eee-lie?” she spoke in a curious accent, as if she’d heard people speaking English but had never actually tried it herself. She said his name a few more times as her nude form crawled over the stunned boy until she was finally contented to nuzzle his neck.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit!?!” Eli panted, his heart nearly beating out of his chest as he attempted to deal with the emotions and reality of his darling pet cat somehow turning into a smoking hot petite beauty.

She glanced up unexpectedly and gazed deeply into his eyes, before leaning in and licking his lips with her hot little tongue.

Eli pulled back with a start and she looked somewhat hurt, frowning as she played with her hair. “What is wrong Eee-lie?”

“I just, I mean, you,” he sputtered, “how did you… you’re like me?!”

She thought about it for a short while before nodding and stretching out contentedly beside him.

“I guess I am.”

“Mocha,” he hesitated at the absurdity of what he was about to ask, “…how did you become like me?”

She thought about it with an exaggerated pout. “I don’t know. It just happened.”

Before she could finish, another question erupted from his mouth. “Do you remember what it was like before you were like me? Are you in pain? How are you speaking with me? How…”

“You ask too many questions,” she growled cutely. “I’m hungry.”

Turning her head as if to hear some distant sound Mocha rose to her feet and sped toward the door. Remarkably agile, by the time Eli’s eyes caught up with her he could only watch as her perky little bottom bounced out the door.

“Time to eat! It’s time to eat…” she called back excitedly, not entirely unlike she used to back when she had four legs.

Strangely enough, Eli felt hunger too. He hadn’t been eating much lately but this was different. As he rose, he felt other sensations too, like curiosity and wonder.

When he heard something shatter expensively down the hall, followed by the girl’s panicked yelp, he felt a wash of fear too. Were they her thoughts? How was that even possible, he puzzled.

“What the fuck…is going on here…?” he muttered to himself as he made his way towards the cozy kitchen in his loft.

Moments later when he arrived in the wood-floored dining room connected to the kitchenette, he was practically ambushed by the girl. As hard as he tried to put it out of his mind, he couldn’t help but be drawn to her sleek, feminine form, and the gentle bob of her small chest and delicate coffee-coloured nipples.

Her collision somehow turned into a warm hug as she pressed her body against his and nuzzled against his neck.

“I’m so sorry Eli,” her English, although accented, was curiously better. “I broke the picture. I just wanted to see you!” She was practically sobbing.

He stroked her back reassuringly, causing her tight little buns to rise pleasingly and a torrent of inappropriate thoughts to cascade through his mind. Shaking them off, he focused on the splintered picture frame that lay on the floor. It was a picture of his family, and besides one massive crack, seemed okay.

“Don’t worry Mocha,” he spoke reassuringly, “it was just an accident. I’m more concerned that you weren’t hurt.”

“Eli is sooo good to me,” she grinned at him with her hypnotic eyes as she began to knead and rub at his arms with her hands.

The boy blushed deeply, never having been so close to such a perfect girl. Thankfully, her attentions turned elsewhere and before he could wink she scampered off to the kitchen.

Eli arrived in time to watch her standing on her tip-toes to reach the cans of cat-food in the top shelf. She glanced back and was all smiles now that she could finally manipulate the cupboard door and even grasp the cans herself.

“I can get it, see?” she beamed with pride as she fumbled with the small tin of food.

Eli chuckled warmly. “Oh, I can see that!”

He saw other things too, things that wracked him with guilt. Like the graceful, feminine curve of her arched back. Or the way that when she leaned forward, the angle of her carefully sculpted bottom revealed the slightest peek of her velvety little slit, flushed a delicate purple like some exotic orchid...

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