Saturday, 18 May 2013

Images of Inspiration: Dani [teen, bi-curious, masturbation]

So, not that you needed to know this, but Dani's Dirty Diary had a very special place in my heart, mostly because the events it contained very, very, very closely mirrored my lived experiences in high school in the heart of Toronto. I wanted to focus on her mounting frustration, and the way that her desires toward women grew over time, as she was forced to recognize her developing bisexuality. Naturally, all of the sexy people I know on tumblr really come in handy with something like this. The following images, I feel, best represent the mind-set that Dani engaged in, especially for her more taboo scenes, in her very own Dirty Diary.

Image courtesy of scwhorpio

Image courtesy of tinybabeinthewood
Image courtesy of fan2fap