Monday, 25 November 2013

A Little Trouble with the Law [mmmf, breeding, cuckold, hotwife, interracial]

Sweet and perky, Chrissie is the neglected housewife of asshole cop Joel Waters. She desperately wants to start a family, but Joel wants nothing to do with her. One day while delivering lunch to her ungrateful husband, some of Joel's men try to cheer her up and Chrissie quickly realizes that she might not need her husband's help after all. Will Joel be forced to watch his wife take matters (and two of his most hunky constables) into her own hands? How will he stop his insatiable wife? That is, assuming he wants to...

This story is around 7200 words long, and features a baby-crazed young wife, gorgeous Latin and Caribbean police officers who were at the right place at the right time, and a miserable crooked cop who is cuckolded by his darling wife, in addition to oral sex, cheating, bbc, double vaginal penetration, pregnancy risk sex, and enough creampies that make this more than worth its list price.
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“…three times a week, and then spin class twice a week,” Chrissie explained.

She was bent over slightly in front of Rodriguez, and had hiked her yoga pants down just enough to show off a peek of her curvy, sculpted bottom. She pulled them back up and spun around quickly, giggling nervously at the constable’s reaction. She missed being desired.

“Holy fuck Chrissie,” Danny sputtered, “I’m… seriously. I mean, I knew you were into fitness, but damn.”

“Aw, thanks. That means a lot,” she cooed, her cheeks flushing warmly. His reaction only seemed to energize her.

“No kids with that booty? That’s insane. I mean, if you were my wife…” Danny trailed off in a knowing chuckle.

Intrigued by the flirty direction the conversation had moved, Chrissie gulped nervously. “You’d what?”

Danny laughed uncertainly at the question and shifted uneasily in his chair, trying to draw attention away from his stiffening cock.

“Well,” he began, “I wouldn’t ignore you for months. That’s for sure.”

“Is that so?” Chrissie glanced at the handsome young officer. She wanted to hear more.

Danny smirked and began to carefully choose his words. “Let’s just say you’d be tucked in just fine every night.”

“Oh,” Chrissie leaned back and teased her hair, wondering how much rosier her cheeks could get.

“Mhmm,” Danny grinned as his eyes began to trace along the toned contours of Joel’s wife before quickly looking away.

Joel fumed. This little game had gone on long enough. He rose to his feet, carefully preparing what he was going to scream at the ex-third-rank constable and his soon-to-be ex-wife. He reached for the door and collided rudely with it – the old steel door didn’t budge. He leaned on it and rattled the handle. 


He looked around confused and cursed that he’d picked such an old room, as it wasn’t going to be wired with external intercoms until next summer. He instinctively reached for the radio on his shoulder, but went numb when he realized that he’d left all of his stuff on his desk – he didn’t want a sudden call coming through and ruining his flirting with the pretty cadets.

“Fuck,” Joel shook, and went over to the window. He beat on it for a few moments to no avail. He knew this was an old-style “crow’s nest,” the Plexiglas was reinforced and so thick that nobody would hear him on the other side. Furious, the sergeant began to pace back and forth in a cold sweat, trying to ignore the tinny conversation coming from the one-way intercom.

Marshalling this newfound self-esteem, Chrissie nervously broke the silence. “D-do you think I’m pretty, Danny?”

“You know I do,” his smouldering gaze drank her in. “I mean, I know that if you came to visit me every day,” he stood up.


He strode confidently over to the table beside her and tapped it twice. “…I’d enjoy every second of your lunch visits.”

Chrissie bit her lip and practically felt the heat radiating off the strong body beside her.

She’d never had such attention lavished upon her before. It made her fluttery and happy. Danny was always kind to her at precinct barbeques. Still, she couldn’t ignore how warm and slippery his carefully checked aggression made her feel. She’d seen him in the change room once when she snuck in to surprise Joel, and although she’d never tell anyone, third constable Rodriguez had a smooth and toned swimmer’s body that Chrissie sometimes thought about when she was alone in the shower.

Excited blood pounded in her temples as she pushed herself past her fears. She stood up and locked the delicate blues of her eyes with his.

“W-what would we do, you and I?”

Danny smiled and placed a hand softly on her hip.

His touch was warm even through her clothes and Chrissie shivered in anticipation.

“Maybe this,” Danny teased as he stood behind her and began placing soft kisses against the woman’s delicate neck while his hands teased the contours of her curvy hips.

As the strong hands appreciated her body a flood of desire welled up hotly inside the demure blonde. Chrissie knew it was wrong, but didn’t care. She was so neglected and underappreciated that Danny’s touch promised to cure everything that was wrong with her life.

He gently placed soft bites along her neck, causing her to press her hips back against his body. When she felt his hard cock digging into her ass, something wild awoke in her.

“Danny, we shouldn’t…” she lied. She carefully ground her ass back against his cock, fully aware of how to stoke his lusty fires.

The handsome officer’s hands began to fiddle with her waistband. “I don’t care,” he whispered hotly into her ear.

She gasped at his unchained lust, never having felt so desired in years.

Chrissie’s mind was a drunken haze as she felt powerful hands slide her snug yoga pants along her toned thighs. When they hit the floor below her, she turned around and began kissing Danny. His lips were soft and his face was stubbly. His hands were squeezing and caressing her pink panties in a way that made mind into a heady whirlwind of lust. 

Chrissie didn’t care about her husband Joel anymore – all she could focus on was the muscular hunk pawing and worshipping her neglected, aching body. 

The blonde pulled away from his warm mouth as she pulled her top over her head. Locking eyes with him, she grinned, and then dropped to her knees in an expert yoga crouch.

“Oh fuck,” Danny muttered under his breath.

Her beautiful blue eyes practically shone at him as her heart thundered in her chest. The massive third constable whimpered as he saw her wetly drag her tongue across her plump lips. With a dull clatter, his belt dropped to the cold floor below as she began her attack.

The room went dead silent as Chrissie pulled the girthy shaft from his pants. Danny groaned as he felt the soft hands of his sergeant’s wife grasp the meat of his thick, hot cock. 

Joel had stopped pounding on the glass and observed what was happening with a sneer of disgust and confusion. 

“That’s my goddamned wife you filthy fucker…” he whimpered. The sergeant was furious, betrayed, and humiliated; and for some reason he couldn’t explain, incredibly aroused too. Seeing another man use what was so clearly “his” property awakened an odd blizzard of jealousy and white-hot arousal in him. Joel couldn’t explain it, but he watched spellbound as his wife Chrissie began to drag her hot little tongue along the side of the Danny’s hard cock.

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