Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Review: Mia's Milk Machine

Within the pages of Mia’s Milk Machine Nora Nix has delivered us a sweet little treat. Nix, a talented writer of all things kink, has penned a tasty little story that that more than satisfies and is easily read within a single sitting.
Our story begins as we’re introduced to Dom, a hunky mechanic with an alluring southern drawl. He discovers buxom southern belle Mia, who’s car has left her stranded in the sweltering heat. The tension builds as Dom finds himself fantasizing over Mia’s plump curves, but it seems that she doesn’t have the time of day for him. That all changes, however, when something goes awry at Mia’s malt shoppe and she desperately requires handsome Don’s skilled hands.

What I love about Nix’s writing is how nothing feels forced or suddenly dropped on us. We're treated to fleeting images of Mia delicately interwoven throughout the story; we discover her beautiful jade eyes, her pink heels, and the sensual curve of her ample bust in a wonderfully organic way. The world of Dom and Mia behaves realistically too – something often overlooked in fantasy erotica. When we're made privy to how the now curve-obsessed Dom knows the tune playing on Mia’s jukebox when he first walks into her shop, it’s cute and entirely believable.

Smart, sexy, and oh so very sweet, with Nora Nix as my guide I think it’s safe to say that I’m an eager convert to the world of BBW lactation erotica: trust me, you will be too.

Haleigh Cookson Clark rates this work 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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