Monday, 10 March 2014

Review: The Succubus’ Sub

Inside John Dylena’s latest effort, The Succubus’ Sub, we’re brought deep into a world rich with magic, mystery, and sensual seduction. Dylena’s effort focuses on mundane Brett, and the sultry Myserra, a succubus that appears to him one gloomy afternoon with an offer that he can’t (and won’t) refuse. Brett’s boring life is literally turned upside-down when his new supernatural Mistress marks him as hers, in exchange for granting him access to the untold delights of her forbidden flesh.

But rather than becoming a simple slave to her powerful seductive magic, she desires something more: Myserra ultimately quests for a mortal who serves her not out of fear or compulsion, but adoration. Brett learns about himself and his long-neglected sexuality at the simmering demoness’ side and the fiery relationship that blossoms between them is pure magic. He finds himself the recipient of a crash course in the extremes of sexuality from his new mistress when she collars him with a mystical mark in a scene that delightfully teases at the borders of this wonderfully written world.

Over the course of six chapters, Brett finds himself wearing frilly, refined lingerie (and more) as he’s willingly led down ever more exotic corridors of his own pleasure as her full-time submissive. I must congratulate Dylena for subtly crafting a beautiful world that lives and breathes on its own, especially when we realize that there are *other* demons conspiring with playthings of their own.

For those used to paranormal romance and erotica, or just curious about some spells alongside their sex, look no further than Mr. Dylena’s work. A delightfully seductive story with an extra helping of naughtiness, The Succubus' Sub is sure to scratch an itch that you never knew you had.

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