Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hot Nights in Wintermarch [fff, first-time, lesbian, magic]

Victorious and loaded with treasure, our heroes race back to their favourite watering hole in the sleepy mountain village of Wintermarch. Unfortunately, Tabralea the curseblade can't get a recent brush with death off of her mind. As luck would have it, her caring companions Aeri the elven warlock and Cordie the dark elven priestess are more than ready to soothe their human friend's aching soul with the aid of some seductively arousing spells.

This story is approximately 10,000 words long and features three beautiful heroes who are used to exploring Dungeons and slaying Dragons, two sexy elves who attempt to show their human friend the meaning of 'elven friendship,' some sexy magic, an ultra hot bath scene, and a nervous human warrior's first (but definitely not last) girl-girl-girl experience.

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Tabbie’s knuckles dug into her thighs as passionate thoughts danced in her head. She closed her eyes tightly, yet all she could think about was seeing Aeri’s slender, naked body stalk carefully across the dark room. Although she’d seen her companion in a similar state dozens of times, this was the first time that the human girl failed to avert her gaze.

Instead, Tabbie drank deeply of the vision before her. She marvelled at the gentle bob of the elf’s small chest and the delicate strawberry kisses of her nipples. She stole a glimpse of the girl's taut belly, slender waist and soft curve of her silky thighs. She couldn’t help but marvel that barring the lengthy coppery waves upon her head, like all elves, Aeri’s body was naturally hairless. She leered like a drunken sailor when the delicate elf exposed the curve of her backside as she entered the tub.

When Aeri gasped as her bare bottom touched the tub, Tabbie bit her lip and realized that she’d been running her hands along her thighs. Unsure of how much more she could take, Tabbie rose on unsteady feet.

“I’m heading downstairs,” she blurted out into the quiet of the room. “...this fire’s too damned hot,” she waved her hand at the cozy embers, “so I’m gone.”

“That’s a shame,” the elf lazily replied from the tub. “Come and say goodbye first?”

Tabbie was speechless as lustful blood thundered in her head. She found herself standing beside the tub, enthralled. Her hands, veteran of dozens of battles trembled like an untested farmhand, her steely tactician’s mind was a blank swirl of panic and desire. When she saw the svelte porcelain body entirely visible through the soapy water, she felt her mouth become dry.

“Leaving so soon?” the elf pouted as she traced her fingers along her arms.


The deafening silence was broken only by the soft babbling of the warm water.

“That’s a shame. This water is really nice,” Aeri spoke as she cradled her arms.

“Looks like it,” replied the human as she knelt beside the tub.

The water sloshed unevenly as the elf leaned against the side of the tub, as she pulled her damp hair away from her neck.

“I think I missed a spot.”

“I think you did too,” the girl replied as she fished the wispy cloth from the water. Her eyes stole fleet glimpses of her wet, slippery friend. The soap smelled like a well-tended rose garden, but neither of them took the slightest shred of notice. Tabbie bit her lip slightly and surrendered wholly to the chorus of aroused blood screaming in her veins.

Without a word, she held the soapy cloth in her trembling hand and began to make small foamy circles upon the elf’s shoulder.

“Oooh,” the elf exhaled long and slow, “that feels really good.” Aeri was overjoyed to finally feel Tabbie’s touch; elven friendship and sexuality were complicated things that often overlapped, and largely confused those races that that barely lived a century. The quivering elf also took a secret joy in the fact that there simply was no mistaking Tabbie's powerful human hand as anything even remotely elven.

Tabbie had never touched anything so soft, warm, or inviting. When their skin touched, she felt an electric surge of desire through her fingertips. When she teased her soapy hand along the soft, creamy shoulder and all the way down her friend’s delicate arms, Tabbie realized how jagged her own breathing had become.

“There’s more to me than arms,” the warlock playfully suggested. Aeri leaned back against the rim of the tub and arched her back in a way that showcased her petite body.

Tabbie closed her eyes hard and basked in the forbidden sensations. Letting the cloth fall back into the warm water, her bare hands massaged the elf’s delicate shoulder and neck. They eventually slid wetly across her chest, until she felt the hard buds of Aeri’s nipples against her trembling palms.

A kittenish purr of pleasure escaped the slight elf, followed by a promisingly seductive gasp.

Before she could think, the curseblade found herself teasing at the soft breasts and pinching playfully at the nipples, as she often did when she was alone.

Aeri groaned pleasingly at the raw aggression and power as she gripped the brass edges of the tub. She squeezed her thighs tightly in the water – tonight her lover was passionate, strong and perhaps most tantalizing of all, a human.

The elf whispered something so soft that Tabbie had to lean in to hear. When she did, she was greeted with a soft kiss placed sweetly upon her cheek. And then another feather-soft peck upon her jaw. Tabbie’s eyes fluttered as her hands began to play across the elf's graceful body...

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