Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dark Desires Mega Pack: Six Sexy Stories About Creatures of the Night

The night can be an unforgiving mistress, but you'll find none as hungry as these beautiful beasts. In this first-ever collection Paranormal Romance authors Haleigh Cookson Clark and Annie Summers have decided to combine their sexiest stories about a walk on the dark side. Our collection begins with The Debt Collector, where a low-level thug is taught a thing or two about making good on your debts by a new, magically powerful enforcer. Serving the Succubus is the tale of a historian who accidentally summons a seductive succubus during a frantic midnight cram session. Within The VIP Room, a drunken man-child soon realizes that he should've kept his rude comments to himself when he stumbles upon two supernaturally cute girls. Red Number Five a shy loner finally thinks his dating luck is turning around when he picks up not one, but two curiously eager cuties at a local watering hole. The Fake ID is the story about a mean-spirited bouncer who is made to immediately regret picking upon a cute partygoer. And finally, Caught in the Temple of Forbidden Lust, we meet Braena Wyvernwood, a cocky half-elven adventuress hoping to strike it rich raiding an evil temple, that is until she runs afoul of its agonizingly handsome guardian. That's six of our supernaturally sexy stories for the price of four!

This collection is over 40,000 words and is practically dripping with seductive vampires, sexy demons, and the impossibly beautiful unseelie. They get up to threeways, rough taboo play, gender swapping, forced feminization, sex-magic, pegging, blood-drinking, domination, choking, forced pleasure, and filthy-hot encounters with their new human friends.

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