Sunday, 24 August 2014

Cursed! To Be A Woman [mff, fantasy, gender swap, shifter]

Draken the mighty warrior, Laremont the mage, and Brae Nimbleshout the rogue are three brave heroes and best friends. One day after examining the spoils of war from a nearby dungeon, they happen upon a strange amulet. Unsure of what to make of it, they goad Brae the rogue into attempting to use it and soon discover that it's a powerful charm that hides some surprisingly sexy magic. Will Draken and Laremont be able to control themselves around their new, supernaturally sexy adventuring companion? More importantly, will Brae be able to control the urges towards her hunky companions that she's been feeling ever since she picked up the amulet? How smart was it for them to save some coin by triple booking their Inn room? Only time will tell... 
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“Brae, my friend,” Laremont asked as he shook his head, “…are you okay?”

Much to their surprise the trim girl replied in the rogue’s exact tone, except in a much silkier voice. “I…yeah, I think so. Except, you know,” the knockout laughed nervously as she reached down and squeezed her plump breasts together through her shirt.

“Are you um, sure that…” Draken began, before he was cut off by the girl who replied in an unimpressed tone. 

“Yep, it’s gone,” Brae replied in a flat tone. “Looks like I’m all woman.”

Silence flooded the room for a least a full minute.

“So… can I see?” asked the muscled warrior, a silly grin on his face.

“What?!” the hot brunette sputtered, crossing her arms defensively.

“Honestly? You’re like incredibly hot. Like, even more so than those river sprites we watched bathe that one time.”

“But I…” the girl struggled for words.

The usual sober-minded Laremont strangely agreed as his eyes hungrily gazed at his gender swapped friend. “Draken brings up a good point. We just want to make sure everything’s perfect, or, in working order. You know, need to make sure that nothing’s out of place… for magics’ sake.” As if to underscore his suggestion, Laremont conjured up a magical mirror that hovered over to the thief, who immediately gasped at how hot she had become.

Draken nodded eagerly. “Yeah, plus, don’t feel bad about it, because you’re a lady now.”

The wizard frowned at his idiot friend, but then turned back to the girl and nodded is assurance.

Her beautiful blue eyes glanced uncertainly to Laremont and then back to Draken. As much as she was never going to admit it, having the both of them staring at her did make her feel so pretty and desired.

“Okay, fine,” the sultry brunette bit her lip and looked at her friends nervously.

The warrior and the wizard watched in breathless anticipation as their thief companion slowly unbuttoned the baggy tunic and began to unfasten the loose cotton shirt that hung from her slender frame. As it dropped to the floor below, they realized that her gorgeously toned body was everything that they ever dreamed of in a woman...

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