Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Succubus Stole My Girl! [ffm, cuckold, demon, dubcon]

Pretty and wearing her most seductive lingerie Carole is once again let down by her oafish boyfriend Bryan as he ruins yet another romantic night in. During their ensuing fight, a strange statuette left to him by his late grandmother breaks and reveals a supernaturally sexy surprise to the shocked couple, being an impossibly beautiful succubus eager for their young, hot flesh. The demoness decides to grant Bryan's hidden desires of watching Carole with another woman by savagely taking his girlfriend in front of his very eyes, but little does the thick-headed man realize that this is one demonic cuckolding that his girlfriend might not come back from, having fully converted her to the forbidden ways of women.

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“Oh no, my pretty miss,” she coyly corrected the screaming girl. “Men are boring, it’s you I want.”

Trembling with fear, the blonde froze entirely upon hearing the demon’s icy words. “Y-y-you… I c-c-can’t, I mean…” She began to back away as she glanced at the door.

“Don’t be so nervous,” the demon rose with a fanged smile. “Everyone remembers their first time. I promise that it’ll be magical.”

Not wanting to upset the fierce creature, Carole spoke softly as she backed toward the door. “W-well, it’s n-not that I don’t…I just don’t… with girls…”

“You’re clearly not having much luck with boys,” the demon snarled at Bryan, the feral, guttural sound making him nearly leap back a foot. She turned back to the frightened girl and continued speaking in a sweet whisper. “See what little bravery he possesses? How fast did he try to abandon you for me? Trust me, once you’ve been with women you’ll never crave a man’s touch ever again.”

Bryan was about to protest when a single glance from the terrible demon silenced him entirely. “Go and sit in the corner and say nothing. I want you to see the exact moment that I take her from you forever,” she instructed in a calm yet vicious tone.

He flinched slightly and did as he was told, throbbing hard and hot despite how terrified he was.

The demonic beauty turned back to the nervous Carole, her eyes nearly welling up with tears as she shivered in her dainty lingerie.

“Oh my sweet, I knew that fate has pulled us together this evening,” the demon cooed softly as she stepped forward, “after all, look how nicely you’ve dressed yourself for me. You’re a perfect little present for me to unwrap.” She clasped her hands and grinned as she stood before the girl.

“Y-yes, perhaps that’s true,” the horrified girl spoke slowly. “But I n-need to go… freshen up for you.”

The demon tilted her head to the side as she tapped a clawed finger against her jaw thoughtfully. “Well, I suppose if you want to prepare yourself, I couldn’t protest that.” Carole’s heart sunk, however, as when she tried to leave the bedroom, she realized that the succubus’ slender tail had coiled snugly around her ankle. That it had ensnared her so effortlessly made her pale with fear.

“Ah, so you’re staying with us after all, hmm?” the demoness cheerfully spoke a wicked smile crossing her lips.

“Y-y-you, I c-c-can’t…” Carole fumbled for words that simply failed to materialize.

“I’m ever so glad that you decided to stick around,” the demon purred into the mewling girls’ ear. “It’ll make it so much easier to get better acquainted.” As the very tips of the demons fingers ran softly along her shoulders, Carole nodded softly unsure of what to do next.

Sensing that Bryan was stirring in his corner, the demoness narrowed her eyes and spoke with the elegance of a jagged razor. “You move from that corner fuck-meat and I strangle you alive with your still-throbbing entrails.” The boy turned as white as a sheet his flesh hot from lust, yet icy from fear.

“Now, where were we?” the terrible beauty blinked coquettishly at the girl as she patted the space beside her on the bed.

Carole did as she was directed and hung her head low, her blonde locks tumbling freely.

“So, you’ve never been with another woman? Not even once?” the demon asked in utter disbelief.

The defeated girl shook her head unsure of what was going to happen next. When the demoness leaned in close her heart skipped a beat. Carole was caught entirely by surprise when, rather than mere words, the sultry succubus merely placed a seductive little love bite upon the girl’s shoulder.

Carole nervously looked over and saw that the demon placed another delicately soft bite before tenderly kissing the rising welt. Something about such a wicked, terrible thing being so kind, delicate, and soft made Carole swelter with raw emotion.

“Difficult as it is, you should believe me when I say that I’m far more interested in being good friends than anything else,” the demon smiled as she traced the tips of her claws along the girl’s knee.

“So, you’re not going to eat me…?” the nervous blonde replied still leery about the fanged mouth that playfully nibbled on her soft shoulder.

The demon shot her a sideways glace and grinned. “Eventually yes, but probably not in the way that you meant…”

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