Monday, 1 December 2014

Boys of the Monsterlands

Tall, dark, fanged, these three stories of hunky, monstrous boys prove that girls really do just wanna have fun. Serving the Incubus introduces us to a stubborn waitress who finds herself flirting with some handsome strangers who suggest a devilishly tempting offer to satiate her hot, lustful heart. In Vampire Week at #theBondageClub we follow college girl Brandy who decides to get over her recent breakup by enrolling at the University of Toronto's bondage club. Even though the group only meets at night its kind and seductive leader asks her to come alone. What terrible (or terribly hot) fate awaits this heartbroken redhead? In Caught In the Woods After Dark! a shy, red-hooded beauty is beset upon by wolves and astonished as they transform into men in front of her eyes and demand tribune. However, she's all out of money but is more than happy to work out alternate arrangements with the gorgeous, muscly men.
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This collection is around 20,000 words and features stories of sexy vampires, hunky werewolves, and seductive demons, several MMF threeways, a shy girl's first encounter with scorching bondage, dominance, and submission, and a demure beauty who's old enough to know she can handle two muscly men at the same time.

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