Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cherrybomb: Love and Lust in the 27th Century [bondage, robot, sci-fi, tentacle]

Famed intergalactic bounty hunter Pondicherry Piety wakes up from stasis on her badly damaged gunship, the sole survivor of a vicious run-in with space pirates. Barely escaping with her life she is consoled by Max, her craft's artificial intelligence, but soon realizes that she could be facing a year-long return to the Luna star colonies. Max, however, has secretly discovered her deepest sexual fantasies and decides to keep Cherry company on their long and lonely trip home...

This story is roughly 8800 words long and features sex and lust between a man and a woman, heavy bondage, robotic tentacles, and the fulfillment of secret fantasies about super hot high school teachers.

Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play.

“So, as I was saying,” Maximum’s gravelly voice filled the room, “been out here long, kid?”

The toned brunette bit her lip. She was tough as nails and had an iron will when she needed to, but her resistance completely melted upon hearing him. She felt seventeen again, fumbling for words while speaking to her would-be paramour.

“I… kinda, um, yeah…”

“You’ve been at this a while Cherry,” he spoke softly, “let me help.”

The contour of her bed shifted slightly as the plastic beneath her molded exactly as if it were a pair of strong, masculine hands caressing her shoulders. It had been far too long since she felt another’s touch appreciating her body, or let someone get this close to her. She threw her head back and allowed her mind to drift through a soothing current of bliss.

Cherry moaned softly in approval, but when the shifting material of the bed began to tease what felt like soft fingertips across her neck and shoulders she gasped suddenly. When she felt nails being raked across her back she inhaled sharply with delight.

Still, something bothered her.

“So Max, I never did anything this fun with Maximum – how did you know about these little fantasies of mine?” Cherry asked without opening her eyes.

You’re just going to get upset if I told you so we’re not going to get into that. Suffice to say, I see and hear a lot of things.

“Right…” Cherry wrinkled her nose.

Shall we continue? He punctuated his question by leaving a satisfying bite upon her shoulder.

Her rapidly warming flesh and beating heart encouraged her mind to ignore Max and continue basking in this wonderful place.

A beautiful mouth carefully bit her again, allowing its teeth to linger just long enough to savour her flesh.

“God,” she shivered, “you’re sooo good at that.”

“I know,” Maximum replied in a thigh-melting tone.

Before she could say another word, Cherry felt arms around her waist. They were thick and warm and felt damned good after so many months alone. She leaned back and felt his powerful chest behind her and the soft beat of his heart. Her eyes fluttered and she cursed herself for not begging Max to simulate this earlier.

“You smell so fucking good Cherry,” Maximum growled into her ear as he placed warm kisses along her neck.

It was around this time that she realized she was grinding her hips roughly against the bed in anticipation. It was all she could do but press back against him and feel the hard bulge in his pants. Powerful hands scratched along her waist, appreciating its curve, stopping only to caress her ass softly.

Cherry tried to speak, but couldn’t. She had to convince herself that none of this was real. It was all just a clever simulation of nanofabric, bio-plastics and ridiculously illegal MediFiles carefully encouraged to fulfill her wildest fantasies.

The more she fought the magic unfolding around her, however, the more she thought about Maximum’s warm, playful smile, his steely grey eyes, and the way he would grin as he desperately tried to ignore her shameless flirting.

And those arms! Strong and warm, they wrapped around her exactly as she had always fantasized. When she felt his breath tease against her soft skin and his tell-tale stubble prickling along her neck, Cherry realized that she was softly whispering his name, something that only encouraged him to explore further.

Her cheeks flushed rosy red as her hands roamed her belly, creeping ever downward. She squeezed her eyes tightly, the way she usually did when she wanted to enjoy herself; it made little sense, but she didn’t want Max to see her, so he politely ignored her until she was finished.

Her smile beamed through the dark as she spread her thighs ever so slightly. She was greeted by the cool recycled air lapping at her slippery hot skin...

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