Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Caught in the Temple of Forbidden Lust [demon, dubcon, magic]

Braena Wyvernwood, skilled sorceress and treasure-hunter extraordinaire is as cocky as she is beautiful. One evening while attempting to "liberate" the wealth of a temple dedicated to a dark cult of deviant pleasures, the arrogant girl stumbles upon something she hadn't counted on - the agonizingly beautiful demon guarding the temple! The excited adventuress attempts to magically compel the demon into leading her to the cult's treasure trove, but she soon finds out that the demon is only too happy to teach her a lesson in humility she'll never forget.

This short story is roughly 6600 words long and features the sexy scenes between a gorgeous half-elven adventurer who is forced to obey the deviant whims of an agonizingly sexy incubus as he teaches her an extra sexy lesson.

 Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.

“Enslaved by a… a mortal?” The red-skinned demon slouched over. Maybe returning to one of the hells to be tortured for eternity wasn’t so bad.

“Of course. But for the time being, I need to get out of here before more of your friends show up,” she spoke in a cautious whisper as she recalled where she was, “so first thing’s first, you must never harm, betray, or kill me. If my heart ever stops beating, you die. Do we agree?”

Bound as he was by his truename, there was little he could do. Kas angrily chipped part of the stone wall with his claws. “Yes, yes, fine! Agreed!”

“Good. That’s all. Now, please lead the way to where these idiots keep their treasure,” Breana smugly instructed him.

Kas narrowed his eyes and looked cautiously at her. “Wait a moment…”

“Excuse me?” the young adventuress glared at him.

“So, beyond harming or killing you, my contract was left surprisingly open,” Kas grinned as his impressive cock began to stiffen with lusty blood.

Braena took a step back before she realized how thick and hard his shaft was. “Well…I uh…oh shit…”

She’d only managed to get out the first syllable of his truename before he was on her, his hands gripping her tightly and pulling her slender form against his. His body was hot and all muscle, and his cock dug painfully into her waist in a way that made her flutter from its massive size.
For as clever and fast as she was, Kas was far stronger than she was. Besides, he knew full well that if she had the chance to get out even half of his truename, she’d command him to stop. He was an indoor cat now, and wanted to have a little fun before his freedom ended.

“I…no…” she struggled to speak, as his forked tongue filled her mouth soft and dangerous all at once.

“…don’t…” she felt her willpower crumbling as his pleasing, spiced musk filled her nostrils. His flesh was soft against her touch, and before long she was grinding her hips hard against his powerful thigh. When his tail began to entwine her ankle, she couldn’t help but giggle excitedly in anticipation of what was to come.

As she felt her belt unclasp, she smiled with excitement. When his clawed hands reached down and slashed the buttons of her wrapped tunic, she grinned. Although parts of her mind wanted to stop and leave, she simply couldn’t force her body, simmering and humming with excitement as it was, to walk away.

She had no idea exactly when it happened, but Braena glanced down and saw her clothing, leather pack, and silvered blade lying upon the dusty floor. The delicate girl could only frown in confusion, but her concern quickly evaporated with a few pleasing rakes of Kas’ delicate hands across her bare belly.

“My fair elven blooded sweet,” he cooed softly into her ear as he held her cheek with his hand.

“Yes, but I… you…” she stammered to speak, entirely overwhelmed.

“…we need to keep you from saying my truename, and I know just the thing,” he beamed a shining, fanged smile.

Her gaze, warm and hazy, looked back at him as she bit her lip. Braena didn’t know what he was talking about, but she didn’t care. He smelled like sex, and fucking, and power and she needed it bad. The elven blooded beauty was about to ask him to bend her over when his surprisingly powerful hand gripped her shoulder as Kas slowly brought her to kneel in front of him...

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