Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Demons of the Monsterlands (The Monsterland Series)

Included within this collection are three books detailing the devilish demons of the Monsterlands Series. Serving the Succubus is the tale of a historian who accidentally summons a seductive succubus. Serving the Incubus introduces us to a stubborn waitress who finds herself flirting with some handsome strangers who offer a flirty cure for her temper, and within Caught in the Temple of Forbidden Lust, we meet Braena Wyvernwood, a cocky half-elven adventuress hoping to strike it rich raiding an evil temple until she runs afoul of its agonizingly sexy guardian. That's three sexy stories for the price of two!
 Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.

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