Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Serving the Incubus [mmf, demon, domination]

Although its way past her shift, down on her luck waitress Ellie has nevertheless stayed behind to serve the high-tipping, handsome strangers. She's been enthralled with them all evening, and when they finally take notice of the cute but headstrong girl, sparks are sure to fly. After her shift one of them proposes that they all become better acquainted and she readily agrees, but can't help but feel that there's something the handsome devils aren't telling her. Does Ellie trust her gut, or does she give into her depraved fantasies and enjoy the two gorgeous men all to herself?

This short story is roughly 7500 words in length and deals with the sexy but stubborn Ellie, and Jan and Ari, her two hunky demonic suitors who attempt to tame the unruly girl in order to bring her some sweaty peace and quiet.

Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.

Ellie felt her breath guttering in her chest as her pulse began to thunder. She had no idea why, but it might’ve had something to do with the fact that she’d never been this close or intimate with such a handsome man. Especially not one who had such a yearning, predatory gleam in his eye.

“I…I’m sorry, I didn’t…” she sputtered as she glanced away.

A warm, playful look stole across Jan’s rugged face. “No, you misunderstood me,” he grinned as he took her delicate hand in his. “We cannot force you to be happy, but we can give you what you need.”

She glanced over, somewhat confused and saw Ari nodding back to her.

“Wait, you…I just… what I need?”  Ellie asked as she leaned back into her seat defensively.

Jan’s powerful hand softly clasped hers. If she was being truthful, his flesh was exceptionally hot, like someone who’d just come from a sauna. She had no idea how he wasn’t wreathed in sweat. It had only been a few seconds, but the longer she held his hand, the more inappropriate her thoughts became. It made her eyes flutter slightly. If she had to spend the rest of the night holding his hand and wordlessly gazing into his eyes, it would’ve been one of the happier moments of the past decade.

“While we can’t force you to be happy,” he gently explained, “we can give you what you need so that you have a chance of happiness.”

“Just a chance, hmm?” she smirked, “whatever could you possibly think I need?” A sprinkling of incredulity washed over Ellie’s words. These boys were panty-droppingly cute, but she was no fool.

Jan observed her unblinkingly for a few moments as a devilish grin crossed his face. “You desire to be tamed. You’re a proud, unbroken girl with a fiery temper, but you desperately seek someone to tame you, to give you the heights of pleasure that you need. Someone worthy of sharing in your many gifts,” he explained, his eyes dancing along the toned thigh beneath her yoga pants.

Ellie stared speechless at the man who was barely inches from her face. His words offended and angered her but not half as much as they stoked the fires of her lust. She tried to speak but all of her words had left her. Although the thought of leaving and getting security had crossed her mind, she was far more aroused than she was worried.

“I don’t…how…?” she whispered as sputtered in embarrassment. She felt her pulse throbbing hotly in her temples.

Jan flashed the shaking girl a wicked grin. “Notice how she doesn’t deny it, how she doesn’t leave?”

Ellie wasn’t sure how but Jan’s merest presence was somehow oppressively filling the room like a hot, lustful smoke. She found her thoughts sweltering as her eyes locked with his, this beautiful man she dare not look away from. When she realized he’d lifted her hand and brought it to his mouth, her lower lip trembled with excitement.

When he kissed her palm, his lips were hot and tingly against her flesh. Jan slowly pulled her hand from his mouth and spoke. “Do you wish to be tamed, little girl?”

A perfect storm of anger and desire welled up inside of her. Although she became a little uncomfortable with how hungrily they were eyeing her, she found their seductive glares and their toned, strong bodies irresistible.


“Yes what?” he looked at her expectantly.

“Yes please,” she whimpered as she felt her face alight red, “I… want you to tame me.”

Jan grinned warmly and delicately brushed his fingertips along her cheek. “I warn you, for a magnificent creature as yourself, it might take the both of us to break you in.”

Upon hearing his words, her eyes fluttered in excitement as her chest heaved. She looked across the table and then back to Jan her mind a blizzard of emotions and desires. “I… kind of hope it does,” she spoke as her eyes squeezed shut with an intoxicating swirl of shame and desire...

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