Saturday, 22 November 2014

Caught in the Woods After Dark [mmf, fantasy, shifter]

Beautiful yet stubborn, the headstrong Lorelei disobeys her grandmother's wishes and decides to head to market early by taking a short cut through the forbidden woods. Once inside however, she immediately becomes lost and soon realizes that she's not alone. She tries to run but the terrifying beasts catch her, and much to her confusion and arousal, they shift into handsome men right in front of her very eyes! The handsome beasts explain that she was trespassing on their land, and will need to pay a toll. Unwilling to part with her market-bound healing potions, they decide that she'll have to figure out another way to pay their toll. Much to their surprise, however, she is spellbound by their savage, hunky bodies. The delighted girl is more than pleased to accept her new lovers bare, as it turns out that she's hungrier than her new friends could've ever imagined.

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Watching their pleasing, hairy muscular bodies approach her Lorelei couldn’t help but wonder if this wasn’t the true reason that so many of the village elders had warned her about this particularly lecherous stretch of woods. “W-wait, t-the both of y-you?” she stammered, uncertain of what she’d gotten herself into.

Her deep green eyes fluttered nervously to the heavier wolf and then back to the handsome one. “M-may I at least know the names of my new friends, gentlemen?” she meekly asked

“Harviss,” the bulkier wolf grinned as he stroked his red-hot cock softly.

“And I,” the rakish gent took her hand and placed a steamy kiss upon it, “am Elotharian. You may call me Ari for short.”

She repeated their names softly, her delicate innocent words a siren’s call to the two hot and horny wolfmen. While she could never admit it to the beastial men, having the two hunks, hot and ready for her, made her feel delicate and so very feminine. Although the sultry red had only ever been kissed a handful of times, and had only lain with a handsome stableboy. Even then, they were very drunk and nervous, as young lovers are wont to be, so it wasn’t what she’d overheard many of the women of the village talking about. She knew they tried to downplay it mostly because of how attractive she was, but sometimes late at night, groans and screams of pleasure could be heard and the inquisitive girl desperately wanted to know more.

And now, it seemed, she would more than any other girl in her village.

“O-okay fine,” the sultry redhead bit her lip and looked at the two leering men. “But be proper about it… at least allow me to prepare myself for your company,” she asked in her most seductive, yet nervous voice.

Ari and Harviss watched with glee as the young girl slowly unclasped the tight patterned wrapped tunic, and carefully slid the loose cotton dress down along her silken legs. Last were her linen undercoats, which slid silently to the gravel below and reminded the two beasts that this soft, redheaded girl was everything that they’d ever wanted in a woman.

Lorelei had never been appreciated by such hot and hunky men before, but was starting to realize why the village elders forbade her and other beautiful girls to be alone with men. The way they looked at her made her feel soft, warm, and so very pretty. They leered at her hungrily and watched her every move, making her feel like some powerful enchantress who had put a potent spell upon them.

Had she a mirror, she might’ve even guessed why. Besides her gorgeous sea green eyes, and delicate auburn curls, her pale skin was dappled here and there with a sprinkling of cinnamon freckles. A slender girl, her petite bust bobbed and bounced at the slightest provocation, and her plump little hips sported a rusty red patch of delightful wisps that nearly teased halfway up to her belly button. In essence, the girl was youth and fertility personified.

Harviss’ eyes danced over her flesh in a way that made her feel strangely empowered as he stuck the torch in the crick of a tree, ensuring that he’d have both hands free for his lustful business with the girl. Ari marveled at her fine, slender legs and began rubbing his warm, rough hands over her flesh, delighting himself at her soft, uncontrollable groans.

Much to his surprise the girl’s slender hand reached out and softly groped his hot, wriggling cock, giving it a tender squeeze. When she looked up nervously into his eyes and realized what she’d done, her pale cheeks blushed hot and red. “Oh, my, I’m…I’m so sorry, it’s just that, it’s so big, and…”

“No, no problem at all,” Ari cooed sweetly at the delicate red flower. “You’re really quite good at that... you've the soft touch of a youthful milk-maid...”

Lorelei grinned and appreciated how easy it was to disarm men by stroking and loving their curiously rigid flesh. She knew that for as big as it was, it would feel thrice as big buried deeply inside of her. When she glanced over and saw Harviss stroking himself roughly, her eyes nearly bulged out of her head causing the lustful wolf to laugh.

“Aye, you think it’s big now lass,” he grinned, “wait ‘till it’s buried to the hilt inside.” He gave her a filthy wink as he stepped toward her.

Although she’s just met these two handsome strangers, and was terrified out of her wits by how dangerous they were, she had simply never had thoughts like these before, as all she could think of was letting them touch, and fill, and lick and sink their aching, blood-filled meat into her hungry, slippery holes...

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