Sunday, 19 October 2014

Six Sinful Stories from the Monsterlands

In this mega pack, you'll find Six Sinful Stories from the Monsterlands! Inside is Serving the Succubus, the tale of a historian who accidentally summons a seductive succubus. In Red Number Five a shy loner finally thinks his dating luck is turning around when he picks up not one, but two curiously eager cuties at a local watering hole. Stray introduces us to a troubled med student who finds love and a little something else in the arms of a sensual feline shifter he knows all too well. With Serving the Incubus we find a hot-tempered waitress who finds herself flirting with some handsome strangers who playfully offer up a flirty cure for her aggression. In Bitten By Lust a young adventurer barely makes it out of a dungeon alive and seeks refuge in a tavern run by a beautiful older woman who is only too happy to help the bloodied mercenary girl. And finally, Cursed! To Be A Woman follows two brave heroes who have to figure out how to lift a surprisingly sexy curse from their friend before everyone does something they might all regret! That's six of my supernaturally sexy stories for the price of four!

This collection is 45,000 words and is loaded down with seductive vampires, deviant demons, and sexy shifters. These beautiful beasts engage in first-time lesbian play, MMF and FFM threeways, rough play, gender swapping, forced feminization, blood-drinking, domination, and filthy-hot encounters with their new human friends!

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