Thursday, 30 October 2014

Erotic Fantasy II: Three More Tales of Swords, Sorcery, and Seduction

In this, the second part of my Erotic Fantasy series, you'll get three more stories of sexy heroines and musclebound warriors! Inside you'll find Cursed! To be a Woman, the tale of two brave heroes who have to figure out how to lift a surprisingly sexy curse from their friend before everyone does something they might all regret! Within Never Summon A Succubus a curious young apprentice wizard prowls her mentor's keep in search of the magic he's been hiding from her only to accidentally release a powerful and surprisingly seductive demon. How will she return the fiend to its cage before her master returns? And more importantly, will she want to? Finally, in Lust In The Blood two heroes are unfortunately too late to rescue their devout friend from the clutches of an evil vampire prince. After slaying him, however, they discover that she appears to have kept her soul, and although she doesn't seem to desire their blood, her unusual transformation seems to have awoken other hungers in her. As usual, this is three of my sexy stories for the price of two!

This collection is roughly 22,000 words long and includes scenes of heroic warriors, beautiful wizards, sensual vampires, seductive demons, girl-girl femdom, transformation magic, an MFM threeway, and a first-time FFM threesome in order to help a vampire remember her humanity.

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