Friday, 24 October 2014

Never Summon a Succubus [ff, demon, domination, fantasy]

In this prequel to Caught in the Temple of Forbidden Lust we follow the life of the beautiful sorceress Braena Wyvernwood back when she was still just a lowly apprentice. Late one evening she makes good use of her powerful mentor's departure and decides to better explore his keep, eventually stumbling across a seemingly ordinary room. However, little does the curious girl realize that the room hides a seductively sinful secret! Will she be able to undo the powerful magics that accidentally released a sexy new playmate before her master gets back? More importantly, considering what a rare opportunity this presents for the frustrated young sorceress will she even want to? 

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Braena’s thoughts were a flurry of panic and a desperate attempt to recall any manner of escape magic were rudely interrupted when the hideous beauty narrowed her glowing eyes at the girl.

“So, it’s just me and you while daddy’s out of town, hmm?”

“Oh no, he’s not my… I’m his apprentice,” the girl stammered, “and he cares for me, so… so…”

“I’m not going to kill you,” the demon said flatly. “Daddy dearest has made me something of an indoor cat,” her pale skin seemed to become uncomfortably hot as she grit her fangs, “so I can only play nice now.”

The terrified girl carefully chose her words. “W-well, since there’s no reason for hostilities, could you let me go?”

“Certainly,” the demoness smirked. Her hand released its steely grip.

But when Braena tried to step back she only then realized that the succubus’ snake-like tail had coiled snugly just below her knee. That it had ensnared her so effortlessly made her pale with fear. “I said you can go, silly thing,” the demoness smirked playfully.

“B-b-but I can’t…you…” Braena stumbled over her words, gently trying to loosen the iron-like tail from her leg.

“Aww,” the succubus mocked her, “See? I just knew you’d stay if given the chance.”

Playing a frightful game of cat and mouse, the achingly beautiful demon leaned in close and spoke in a seductive whisper. “I like making new friends. A lot.”

“…do you now?” Braena closed her eyes in a whimper hoping that the fiend might take pity upon her.

“Oh yes,” the demoness spoke in a silken, dangerous tone as her pale, heated flesh brushed seductively against the girl’s exposed neck. “I get so lonely down here.”

“I can imagine… I…”

Braena’s mind began to falter as she felt a single, tender, sticky kiss placed upon her exposed shoulder. She hadn’t recalled loosening her dress but for some reason, that fact seemed to matter less and less as she felt the agonizingly tender hands appreciating her soft, feminine form.

“C-c-could you not do that?” Braena meekly asked as she leaned back against the stony wall behind her, the cool rock focusing her mind somewhat.

“Do what?” the demon asked in between unimaginably soft kisses.

Her breath guttering in her chest, the young sorceress’ mind filled with filthy, lustful thoughts the succubus’ heady musk filled her nostrils. It was a spiced, heated scent reminiscent of leather, wine and sweaty, aching hours spent in the bedchamber. It was only at that moment that Braena realized that the demon’s tail was snaking its way along the girl’s tender thigh, threatening to creep even further into her undergarments...

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