Friday, 31 October 2014

Girls of the Monsterlands II

In this collection, the second set of my Girls of the Monsterlands series, you'll find three more sexy stories of bad girls who go bump in the night. Inside you'll get Lust in the Blood the story of a young priestess who is rescued from the clutches of an evil vampire prince only for her friends to discover that he'd already turned her into a bride of darkness. She manages to keep both her faith and her soul, and awakened in her instead are other lustful desires that her increasingly attractive friends must tend to. Within Never Summon A Succubus a curious young apprentice wizard is busy exploring her master's tower while he is away and discovers his secret magical laboratory, only to find herself in a very sexy situation. Although she's never been into girls (or demons for that matter), how will the young wizard escape the clutches of this increasingly seductive problem? Finally, in Bitten By Lust a wounded mercenary is the lone survivor of a band of heroes exploring a terrible dungeon, and takes refuge in a sleepy mountain Inn just as a blizzard descends upon the valley. Her Innkeep, however, is a graceful mature woman who is more than happy to tend the girl's wounds and care for her, amongst other things. Can the young adventurer trust herself around this oddly graceful and attractive stranger? And more importantly, what will she make of the very big secret that this gorgeous older woman hides? That's three sexy stories for the price of two!

This monstrously hot collection is roughly 22,000 words long and features vampires, hot nubile adventurers and hard-bodied hunks, a seductive succubus, FFM threeways, older-younger lesbian lust, femdom, and erotic fantasy.

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