Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bisexual Bliss: Three Sexy Stories About Bi-Curious Beauties

This sexy collection is about those generous lovers who want to have their cake and eat it too. These are three stories about those wonderful individuals who accept any lover regardless of gender, those beautiful bisexuals - even if they don't know it yet! Inside you'll read Roxie's Dirty Diary, the secret journals of an uptight office gal who finds herself falling for her very own Christian Grey. Even though she's never been into girls, she trusts her handsome paramour more than she trusts herself! In Never Summon A Succubus a wizard's apprentice is sneaking around his tower in hopes of finding the secret magics that he's hidden from her but accidentally releases a sinfully sexy succubus. Will she be able to get the demoness returned before her master gets home? More importantly, although the apprentice has never been into girls (or demons for that matter) she realizes that this is a new and alluring opportunity to test the waters with a new friend. Finally, you'll read The Dinner Guest, where an overworked professional couple plan a relaxing and sexy weekend with their gorgeous co-worker. However, when the drinks flow and push comes to shove, the beautiful exotic beauty has a big secret that she's been hiding that they're only too happy to discover! That's three of my sexy stories for the price of two!
This collection is roughly 22,000 words long and features stories about bondage, dominance, femdom, bicuriosity and encouraged bisexuality, a sexy succubus, and a gorgeous t-girl threeway surprise.

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