Thursday, 20 November 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For [cuckold, demon, fantasy]

A mighty mage he may be, Hermann of Briargust was in fact, a miserable, lecherous bastard. Lusting for one of his former students, a gorgeously curvy exotic beauty, the wizard invites her over for a weekend of hard study and plans to seduce the naughty girl with a spell to make him hot and rigid enough to satisfy her insatiable appetite. But his cute former student has plans of her own as she's extra fertile since and ready to take him without protection. When the arrogant wizard miscalculates the magic and accidentally summons a beautiful, forbidden demonic lover to his horror the lusty girl accepts her new playmate completely bare! Will the poor wizard be forced to watch his would-be wife savagely cuckold him with her new fiendish boy toy? Or will he be able to reverse the spell in time before their lustful game leaves a baby in her fertile belly?

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“Oh no,” a luxurious voice called from over the mage’s shoulder, “I think our handsome friend will be staying for quite a while.”

Hermann turned around to see Ysenia, her body barely wrapped by fine lace, reclining in perfect splendour upon the bed. The humbled mage’s heart shrivelled nearly as fast as his penis had. The wizard was forced to watch in horror as his chances with the buxom beauty appeared to burn up before his very eyes.

The incubus seemed to grow, in every way, shape, and form, as it addressed the caramel beauty in a luxuriously deep, buttery voice. “A wise choice my fertile jewel,” the demon strode confidently past the broken mage and knelt upon the bed, taking the spoiled girl’s extended hand and kissing it delicately. “And what business shall we broker into, my delectable sweet?”

Truly enjoying their flirty little game, Ysenia played it for all she was worth. “Hmm, I’m honestly unsure. Could you help me decide?”

“Of course madame,” his kiss was a cinnamon sear of heat against her tender flesh and made her shiver with debauched possibilities.

“How about a delightful chocolate cake? Those are quite popular with the fine ladies of the petty nobility as yourself.”

“I am quite hungry,” she licked her lips as she gazed fondly at his pleasing, muscular form, “but I’m not sure.”

“Could I interest you in a fine Eldrusian charger, one of the fastest and most beautiful horses in the land?

“Oh no,” she giggled as she blushed a deep, beet red. “I’m quite good at riding muscular beasts, but I’m not sure if that’s what I’m craving...”

“Well, there is one final thing I might offer tonight,” he grinned, as he slowly stood, his erect cock firm and rigid, drooping due to its massive weight.

A warm smile crossed the beautiful girl’s greedy lips. “Mmm,” she cooed, “I think I’d enjoy that very much. But I don’t think that it will fit…” She bit her lip for good measure.

“Ah, this is true, but what fun is there to be had if not in trying?” the incubus winked.

“I couldn’t agree more,” the filthy-minded girl hissed happily and began to roll her lacy gown up along her slowly spreading thighs.

A black, snake-like tongue slithered happily along the demon’s lips. He was truly going to enjoy this. “As in all things my amorous flower, business before pleasure…” the demon spoke, with the slightest hint of disappointment in his voice.

“How about his misery as payment?” the girl shot back in a lusty tone, having rolled her gown high enough so as to fully expose the flushed, dewy lips nestled between her plump thighs.

The terrible incubus gave a startled, beautiful laugh. “A wonderful idea,” he beamed as he waved his hand toward the mage, who slumped over, naked, sweaty, and defeated upon a low ottoman nearby. He knew that the incubus had magically barred the doors, but all things considered, he was too humbled to even get up and try them. 

“Imagine that, the insatiable pervert Hermann of Briargust, cuckolded in his own bedchamber,” the words flowed venomously off the demon’s silken tongue. Ysenia’s biting laughter only added insult to injury as the lusty pair began to advance upon one another...

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