Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Night With Wolves [mff, domination, shifter]

Hot and hungry for more, Kendra decides to answer an online personal left by a sexy young couple who are looking for "a third" for an evening of play. Having always been curious about bondage, she agrees to meet with the hot and hunky Jeremy, and his gorgeous brunette wife Sadie. But just as their spicy little weekend of bondage and discipline starts, something goes very, very wrong, and Kendra discovers their unbelievable secret.

This story is roughly 6500 words long and features bondage and dominance between willing participants, a hot submissive girl being chased by two werewolves, restraints, face-sitting, a scandalously sexy MFF threesome, spanking, and two sexy shape-shifting suburban werewolves on the prowl for a third.

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Feeling their eyes upon her Kendra slowly tugged the last of her clothing off her body and piled it neatly upon the couch. Her breath leaping nervously in her chest, her cheeks were flushed hot and red as her hands covered her freshly-shaven slit. Kendra couldn’t even meet their gaze, but knew that the two wild and wonderful beauties stood before her and drank her in fully.

Jeremy walked over to the doorway and dimmed the lights somewhat, perhaps for mood, while Sadie approached the nervous blonde. “So, here we are,” she spoke in a reassuring tone. “Are you ready for what we discussed?”

“I-I-I think so,” the blonde nervously replied, stealing little glimpses of the wonderfully toned feminine body before her.

“So, Jer and I had a nice long chat, and we really dug your whole ‘cat-and-mouse’ idea.”

The submissive blonde had to stifle a giggle as she bounced excitedly on her toes. “Y-you mean it? I-I think I’d like that…” Truth be told, it was one of Kendra’s secret fantasies for as long as she had been aware of her sexuality: being chased by one or more beautiful, amorous strangers, who once they caught her, could have their way with her. The problem was of course, safety, but she felt just fine with these beautiful new friends.
“Yeah,” Sadie smiled in the pale blue moonlight that shone through the window, “our thought was that if we catch you, you have to do anything we say.” The brunette punctuated her words by dragging her fingers softly along the quivering girl’s shoulder.

Kendra nodded a few times, silent but shaking in anticipation.

Anything,” Jeremy practically growled at her from beside his girlfriend, in a tone that caused the blonde’s heart to skip a beat.

Again she nodded as she felt her lips plumping slippery wet in anticipation of the night that lay before her.
Sadie took her by the shoulders and leaned in close, their bare breasts touching softly in a forbidden, electric tingle. “I want you to remember that no matter what happens, or what we do or say, we hear the safeword and everything stops. Safety first, got it?”

Kenda nodded a third and hopefully final time. She was shaking with excitement over the thought of being chased by this attractive pair.

When the massive Jeremy leaned in, she could practically feel a raw, feral heat radiating from his well-muscled body. His stubble brushed her ear in a way that made her eyes flutter with possibilities.

“Run,” he whispered playfully.

Kendra’s nose wrinkled a little. She pulled back to ask the pair whatever happened to the thirty second head start that they’d discussed, but the beautiful couple seemed different somehow. At first she thought it was an odd trick of the light, but by the time she realized that their eyes were taking on a feral, yellow tinge in a most unsettling manner, she shook her head out of confusion. She stumbled back somewhat and was about to accuse them of drugging her, when she saw something that caused her to quake violently in raw disbelief.

When Jeremy smiled at Kendra, she saw that his teeth, if they even could be explained as such anymore, were sharp, long and yellowed. His jet black mane seemed to be extending down his back and along his shoulders just as he assumed a loping, hunched posture. When she glanced over to Sadie, she saw that her sweet smile was replaced with a sharp-toothed sneer, as a dark covering of hair seemed to spread along her toned, athletic form...

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