Sunday, 16 November 2014

Vampires of the Monsterlands

Within this sexy collection you'll find three stories of those lusty, blood-drinking beauties who go bump in the night. Inside you'll read about a shy loner named Jackson in Red Number Five. Between jobs and single, his luck finally seems to be turning around when not one, but two curiously eager cuties decide to take him home one night after a night on the town. Will this unsuspecting man have his hands full both of the curvy cuties? More importantly, will he live to regret it? In Vampire Week @ #theBondageClub we follow college girl Brandy who decides to get over her recent breakup by enrolling at the University of Toronto's bondage club. Even though the group only meets at night its kind and seductive leader asks her to come alone. What terrible (or terribly hot) fate awaits this heartbroken redhead? And finally, in Bitten by Lust, a battle weary adventurer barely escapes a deadly dungeon with her life. Taking refuge from a terrible blizzard in a cozy tavern, she finds more than good cheer in the arms of its supernaturally sexy Innkeeper. Will she be able to withstand the increasingly attractive woman's curious advances?

This collection is around 23,000 words and features stories of sexy vampires and their favourite food, namely us. The stories within feature an MFF threeway, an FMM threesome, a shy girl's first encounter with scorching bondage, dominance, and submission, and some first-time girl-girl action between an older woman and a younger girl.

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